How operator assisted telephone conference differs from other telephone conference service

By: On: 2016-10-20

A teleconference service can be found easily when you need an Australia based service. As there are a lot of quality conferencing service providers that offer sophisticated and well supported conference call plan that can help you get the job done to the perfection and establish a quality conference call connection during the conference or meeting.

In addition to the phone conferencing or teleconferencing you may also opt for web conferencing and Online Meeting services if you need to make a media rich conference call.

Though there are many options and features you may try out while using any of the teleconferencing or online conferencing services, but one of the most advantageous services that anyone should use for a corporate conference is the operator assisted teleconference. As the name indicates, the conferencing is assisted by an operator that makes it organised, and help in handling all work in a better way. Most of the top rated teleconference Australia services have got an option for corporate business conferencing that are assisted by well trained and qualified operators to help their clients get things organised in a better way. Services offered by Eureka Conferencing and Telstra conferencing and also the Hot Air conferencing offer a range of various features that can be used to organise a conference. Here are the few differences you can find in operator assisted conference and other kinds of conferencing services:

Professional announcement service

Operator assistants provide professional announcement service that is not there if you don’t use an assisted service.

Polls and surveys

You can also expect to get polling and surveys facility which is included in the assisted teleconference service.

Reporting and documentation

All reporting and documentation is organised by the operator to facilitate the understanding and compiling the information for later reference.

During call assistance

Operators provide assistance during call service to reduce the chances of disturbance as well.


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